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A terminal disease that renders you unable to skate. You can catch skatebored from many things, such as:
-bad weather
-broken skateboard
-parents/significant other
-you're watching Law and Order
The best cure for skatebored depends on the cause. Many fight the disease by browsing ebay for skating merchandise or watching skating videos. In the case of an injury, you'll simply have to let your immune system stave off the disease.

Recent studies have shown that playing skate 2 can help to cure this horrendous illness. This is still in debate, though, and it is not yet known whether the video game fights the illness.

Don't get skatebored
Person 1: Hey, dude, wanna go skate that wallride today?
Person 2: I wish I could, but I'm skatebored.
Person 1: That sucks dude, I hope you get better.
by Shiggy499 April 09, 2009

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