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A step up from turtle head which means to have a partial amount of turd pertruding from between ones buttocks.
a lion head is where the turd has begun to errupt and there is nothing you can do about it!!!
Dave - "did you hear about Billy the other day!"

Sally - "no what happend?"

Dave - "we where in the cinema just the other day when Billy lion headed himself"
#lion head #turtle head #sex #penis #shit
by Shiggity Shwanker July 21, 2008
Sexual reproductive organ
reason for the internet and this definition.
"whoa you dont know what a penis is!"

"whoa you feel you need to define what a penis is."

Men-look down

Women-look up
#penis #chud #dork #dude #bj #funk stick
by Shiggity Shwanker July 21, 2008
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