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UK Definition: A teenage boy who just passed his driving test. Now drives a Fiat Punto, Peugeuot 106 or Vauxhall Astra and shouts 'Ere bei's, look at my backbox!' that has more plastic on it than the contents of a "Toys 'R' us" and more lighting than wembley stadium.

Can generally be seen late at night in your local high street or multi-storey car park revving engines, making noises like an old person snoring through a megaphone, with girls sitting in the passenger seat who have applied their make-up with a brick-layers trowel or sneezed in their make-up box.
"Look at this ricer in a 1.2 Nova. Looks like he's just crashed into a halfords"
by Shifty VW July 05, 2007

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