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Ownage (N)
Pronuciation: Oh'neh'j
Definition: The state of owning or conversely being owned. Own, meaning complete mental, physical, and strategic mastery over someone; so much so that their ancestors, descendants, and any who has even spoken to the ownee (one being owned) verbally has been shamed by how pathetic the ownee is at gaming and possibly life in general. When one is being owned the owning player or person has complete control over exactly what happens next, and know and control your every move. They decide just how long you will be allowed to squirm beneath their firm grip over your life. This word is, of course, over used to gloat and brag about the effectiveness of your technique, and the quality of your gaming. What many call ownage is usually a mere series of favorable conditions that lead you to perform greatly beyond your avergage capacity. Ownage is very rarely achieved by a non power-gamer, hacker, or clan official, as these people have a near inhuman devotion to the game, or excess of free time. This can be attributed to the lack of their father forcing them to perform manuel labor at a young age to build what is generally known as character.
He wiped out my team before we even got a shot off for 19 consecutive rounds, that was absolute ownage.
by Shift Gun September 19, 2005

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