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small patch of hair grown directly under the bottom lip also known as a "soul patch"
i have never shaved my pussy tickler and my gf couldnt be happier;)
by Shiblet February 06, 2008
another word for pussy tickler or soul patch
my giggler made for a fun nightfor my hunny;)
by Shiblet February 06, 2008
bad jew....jew capable of being twisted into a pretzel...more commonely used as a general putdown by random people...fo shizzle
you jew pretzel...you make me wanna rape a midget
by Shiblet February 06, 2008
a fatfag with a sense of fashion
you are a stylish fatfag therefore i shall call you fatfagalicious.
by Shiblet February 06, 2008
a game played by the average couch potato who will ritualistically pick his nose and place booger on the side of the couch one day, then the next come back and flick the now dried booger off only to pick a fresh one for the next day and keep the game going.
i have a day with which i pick off all my boogers to cear space to continue the boogy game.
by Shiblet February 06, 2008
a person not necessarilly of an overweight stature or of questionable oreintation but very dumb and annoying.
You are a fatfag! Ur such fatfag!
by Shiblet February 06, 2008
when you are doin it missionary and you arch back and begin the wookie mating call just like chewy.
we were doin it again, i got bored, so i mixed it up with a little star wars shit....the wookie
by Shiblet February 06, 2008

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