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Refers to someone with the measels, or an extreme case of acne. Can also be used to change the subject. (v)
When Micheal was making out with Ryan it was obvious he had dehme.
by Shia September 30, 2004
Only able to be pronounced by a black person. Refers to hard work, or a 66 foot speed boat, preferbaly "The Beast" in New york. Can also refer toa bee.
I don't want to go to dehbee.
Dehbee stung me
by Shia September 30, 2004
The intuition of a homosexual to: Rape young children, take advantage of confused teenagers, sense of a fasion uh-oh, and ability to restel down a 600 lb black man and work him.
Kawazaki you have fagstuition
by Shia September 30, 2004
A cuban who is smuggled into the country in an airtight container with an oxygen tank, in pitch blackness, with no food for months, and no water.
How can I get backstage?
Maybe a Rojo?

<beats nigger to death>
by Shia September 30, 2004
An expression used to deviate from the subject, once said, it is illegal (yes illegal) to talk about that subject within the next day. If you mention it the person who said "shia" can legally kill you, legally.
Hey Luis did you screw my girlfriend?
What were we jsut talking about?
by Shia September 30, 2004

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