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2 definitions by Shi Zewr Porwn

The act of curving one's foot-long penis past the perineum, and inserting it into one's own anus.
"Dude, I like your new shirt!"
"Thanks, I'm also sporting a Forbidden Ring of Zeus!"
by Shi Zewr Porwn April 15, 2005
The act of defecating on the bathroom floor immediately in front of the toilet.
Related: upper decker
Special Note: Much like the Upper Decker, the Pitcher's Mound bears weighty ramifications and sends a powerful message. As such, it should only be unleashed when the circumstances are dire and there seems no other course of action.
The shit was about to hit the fan, but Tommy made sure it hit the floor first.
by Shi Zewr Porwn April 17, 2005