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2 definitions by Shevden

This is the information about the weather the non-smoker requests of the smoker after they come back inside from smoking.
Non-Smoker: "Hey, whats the smoker's forecast?"

Smoker: "Oh, its beautiful out there man! The winds coming from the east at about 10 miles per hour and it feels like the high today should be around 70 degrees"
by Shevden March 30, 2009
N. The dance that you do in your computer chair when you realize that you are getting back an awesome tax return.
After I prepared my taxes and made sure I listed all my deductions, I realized I was getting back about $2500 extra compared to last year and I did the money boogie.

My co-worker asked me if she was doing her taxes right and after everything was verified, instead of having to pay $900, she ended up getting back $1600, so the money boogie.
by Shevden January 20, 2010