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Automatic Teller Machine - Australia's poor alternative to EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transaction at Point Of Sale)
Tourist: "Do you take EFTPOS?"
Australian Shopkeeper: "Crikey deeek mate, what's eeftpos? There's an ATM over there" -->
Tourist (sarcastically): "Yeah, sure. I don't mind paying a $10 Cash Advance fee at the ATM when I could just use EFTPOS for free" (Why can't Australia just accept EFTPOS like the rest of the world does?)
by Sherlock Holmes January 07, 2005
See "beast"
Anything positive or "the best"
See "hot"
You're going to the concert?!? That is SO boist!
by Sherlock Holmes November 04, 2003
An individual, usually a swimmer,
who picks up outdated "Gansta Speak"
from other swimteam members who don't
know what their talking about.
Bee said
"PEACE OUT! From your homie g-dawg!"
To the coolest kid in the world after
hearing it a few times at the NOMAD meet.
by Sherlock Holmes March 21, 2005

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