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SHERON \sh-er-ron\ is a derivative of Sharon (Hebrew); and the meaning of Sheron is "a fertile plain." This femaile is the epitome of loyalty; She's forever favorable; Envied by friends and loved by enemies; Lazy within limitations yet creatively intelligent beyond measure; Oblivious to her extreme beauty and humbled by compliments of this beauty from within and appearance;
by Sherlewla February 04, 2010
Braggasaurus \Bra-Guh-Sor-Uhs\ N. a person who consistently brags about large amounts of money and/or many accomplishments they've attained within their lifetime.
1.The millionaire is too busy being a braggasaurus to realize the hot chick is skrimpshing him and not interested in his millions.
2.The teacher's pet is a braggasaurus because she always reminds the other children that she's the teacher's favorite.
by Sherlewla February 04, 2010
Skrumpshing \SKH-Ruhmp-Shing\ V. the act of sucking ones teeth when in disgust of anothers action and/or words
1. The child received a back-hand slap after he was skrumpshing his mother when she ground him.
2. Her co-workers were skrumpshing as the braggasaurus began another tall-tale of her weekend.
by Sherlewla February 04, 2010

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