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a cosmo girl is a young woman who takes a leading role in all aspects of her life. she is typically a beautiful, sexually active and single woman in her early twenties to mid thirties who lives in the city and holds a corporate/executive office job. "alpha female" would be a good name for her. she is financially secure and doesn't require a man's advice/assistance in her life at all. he is simply there to act as fluff for moments when she's not busy going clubbing, hitting up fancy cocktail lounges, or having girl trips with her friends. she is the perfect sexual minx in the sack and knows exactly how to treat her man right (if she chooses to settle down with one). she's physically fit and keeps up on all of the latest celebrity gossip, style trends, and pop culture knowledge.
Anna Wintour, the leading editor for Vogue, is a Cosmo Girl in her own right simply because she is the head of an empire that makes millions of dollars.
by Sherilynn Macale November 14, 2007

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