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when something is too awesome to describe.
the pats are wicked freakin pissa dude.
by Sheri' June 09, 2005
the plural for churrin, more than one children
ya'll churrins want some scrawberries
by Sheri' June 09, 2005
your ass hole, located behind your chode, home to dingleberries
Bobby if you don't shut up i'm going to punch you in your stink button!
by Sheri' June 09, 2005
sex, having sex, intercourse
My granny said I couldn't come over cause she was playing scrabble with her boyfriend.
by Sheri' June 09, 2005
intercourse, having sex
oh my goodness, I think my parents are making cheese! gross!
by Sheri' June 09, 2005
money, dollars, bills and sometimes coins...
All my Churrin be takin my murnies...
by Sheri' June 09, 2005
a whole lotta stuff, lots, many, mucho, shit ton...etc...
I want to make burnches and burnches of murnies!
by Sheri' June 09, 2005
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