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Amazing movie, probably the best of the century. Great editing, sequences, direction, acting, storyline and execution of the book.
Me: You seen Requiem for a dream?
Someone: No
Me: It's all about how your addictions can fuck you up, set in Brooklyn.
by Sheri November 13, 2003
A talented musician, responsible for Nine Inch Nails and Nothing records. He is a great songwriter and his music can enrapture some.
If you like music NIN is a band that'll do something for you
by Sheri November 13, 2003
the ability to spot a slut at 50 paces .. even while they are incognito
Chris' slutdar was in full operational mode on Friday at the bar.
by Sheri April 22, 2005
the female action of macking on someone; v. to make apparent one's interest in the opposite (male) sex through overt gestures and exaggerated attentiveness
"She was hossing that guy up."
by Sheri January 06, 2004
when two single people are having sex with each other.
Marcus and I are talking, but its nothing serious.
by sheri November 30, 2003
One of the 11 official languages of South Africa that has Dutch roots.

It is generally spoken by the Boer population and the Cape Coloureds who were forced to learn it in Apartheid.
Formal Afrkaans: "Jacob, hulle vroue kan skinder. Hulle moenie moelik maak omdat ek sal nit dit he^ nie!" (Jacob those women can gossip. They mustn't make trouble because I won't have it!)

Informal Afrikaans: "Ja my bru, kan jy dit glo hoe dat meisie skinner?! Sy weet who ek is? Moenie wys me, ek sal donder haar just so!"(yeah, my bru, can you believe how that girls gossips?! Does she know who I am? Mustn't showinsult me, I'll klapbeat her just like that!"
by Sheri February 11, 2005
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