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The spray that shoots out one's ass following an enema. The effect is sometimes replicated as a college prank or by scat freaks. They jam a garden hose up their ass on low pressure until 'full', then release the hose from their anus. Upon release brown shitwater shoots out of the person's ass up to twenty feet.
Jason took the hose out of his ass covered Dave in Bung Squirts.
by Sherby McGee March 27, 2003
That's a cancerous tumor on a stick.
Molly licked her lollipolyp.
by Sherby McGee March 28, 2003
Where you punch a bitch so hard in the vagina that it damages her uterus.
The surgeon general has warned that pregnant women should avoid fistorectomies.
by Sherby McGee March 28, 2003
Piledriving is when you're cock is so big you are actually slamming a chick's organs while fucking.
Hey Vinnie, I was piledriving the brown bomb last night!!!
by Sherby McGee March 28, 2003
It's like toejam, only it's assjam.
My helmet's covered in assjam.
by Sherby McGee March 28, 2003

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