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A "joke" site that shoots to hell everything it is to be "punk."
Avril uses the insta punk kit as her source of info on the punk scene.
by Shep July 20, 2003
Combining two enjoyable past times. Taking a crap in the shitter while your loved one (read skanky hobag here) sucks down some baby batter.
Whew! I never thought a blumpie could be so satisfying for you honey. Next time I'll eat corn!
by Shep August 15, 2003
When you're fucking a girl doggystyle and then ... ooops ... suddenly strangle her with a garden hose.
Whoa. I mean we were having great sex and then, wham! Outa nowhere came a right turn.
by Shep August 15, 2003
someone who causes a lot of trouble or might have may girls on the go at a time
that Dwain he`s a proper Rascala
by Shep March 26, 2005
when a guy places his whole penis and ballsack in a girls mouth, she becomes a grapesmuggler
what a freakin grapesmuggler. Ive never seen anyone else that can take the whole sausage and meatballs
by shep July 27, 2004
Utilizing the tantalizing powers of hennessey to make the things you say more interesting, make women appear more attractive and make yourself virtually invincible to criticism.

Downside of letting the hen outta the coop is the propensity to remove one's pants and wear them as a hat.
As soon as I let the hen outta the coop I was the coolest guy in the room.

Dude ... whatever ... you passed out.
by Shep August 15, 2003
Similar to chode and taint. The raphe is the Samsonian destination between the nuts and schlong that provide men with all of their supreme macaroni boiling powers.
I let her lick my raphe after she gave me a nice blumpie.
by Shep August 15, 2003

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