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Any facial expression, intentional or unintentional, that makes it look as if you're constipated or have diarrhea; HiDrNick. See synonyms at HiDrNick
Goliath gave me a nasty, constipated look when he came out of the bathroom.

Ted's constipated look caused his teacher to resign and take up a job as a stuntman.
by Shenanigans3 April 05, 2008
1. One who's natural smile makes it appear as if they're constipated (usually this constipated smile contains yellow, discolored teeth and gap as from immoderate consumption of food, but doesn't have to)
2. Any constipated look or to smile in a manner that suggests stinkiness, struggling, and constipation
Although I'd hoped they were just shenanigans, I realized the HiDrNick was his actual smile.

The cashier's HiDrNick at Pick'n Save helped me remember that we needed toilet paper.

I was about to ask out Hayden when I realized she had a HiDrNick and I ran away.

When our baby, Madison, smiled at us with a HiDrNick, we knew what she had done and went out to buy some more diapers.

When I walked in the bathroom, the smell reeked and their stood Riley, washing his hands with a huge HiDrNick across his face.

Although his teeth were straightened after years of having braces, he still had a sort of unbecoming HiDrNick.

I avoided smiling because my HiDrNick would scare people.
by Shenanigans3 April 05, 2008

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