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7 definitions by Shellie Shel

Term used for a female who has so much sex that her pussy is no longer tight.
Guy 1: When i was fuckin' that girl it was like i was fuckin' a coffee can.

Guy 2: Yeah, i knew that bitch was a Loosie Goosie.
by Shellie Shel March 14, 2008
Pronounced as the word Anchor.

The acronym for Any Nigga Can Hit Or Ride. Meaning a girl that can easily be fucked by anyone.
All of my boys have hit that at least once. That girl is definitely an A.N.C.H.O.R.
by Shellie Shel March 14, 2008
When something is completly boring, uninteresting, or unamusing.
Q-Unit: Hey bro, didn't you holla at some girl last night?

Shel: Yeah, for a minute or two. I couldn't stand talkin' to her, cuz she was some stale cornbread.
by Shellie Shel March 21, 2008
Crash and Burn. To completely fail at whatever it is that you were tryin' to do.
Nate: Did you talk to those fine ass females, dude?

Julian: Yeah man, but it was a c and b. I asked for thier numbers, and they stole my phone and my wallet.
by Shellie Shel March 21, 2008
The acronym for White People Crazy. A term used to give a reason why white people do stupid shit.
Dude 1: You see those two white guys dancing and spilling beer all over everyone?

Dude 2: Yeah those motherfuckers are WPC.
by Shellie Shel March 14, 2008
When a female gives head to a group of dudes standing around in a circle, and then spits out the cum like a garden sprinkler.
Fish: Yo, did you hear that chick did a sprinkler on the entire boys basketball team?

Josh: Yeah man, she is an a.n.c.h.o.r.
by Shellie Shel March 21, 2008
Acronym for Fake Ass Bitch. A female who is a complete facade. She is made up of lies and is completely unreliable.
PJ: Did that girl that gave you her number and told you to call her ever call you back man?

Sheldon: Nah, I called twice and she screened the shit outta me. She's a fuckin' F A B.
by Shellie Shel March 21, 2008