12 definitions by Shelby

a person who has a mixture of troubles and problems
i have troublems today!!!!!
by Shelby February 22, 2004
A girl or boy's name.
Murtle the Tutle.
by Shelby May 17, 2004
A crazy saying that insane witches and people like myself say to attract attention to themselves
Nobody was looking at me, so I shouted out "Bwahahahahahahahahaha" at the top of my lungs and then ripped off my shirt.
by Shelby February 15, 2004
A good pal that is very vital to your life style.
whats up my silly silly dowel?
by Shelby September 24, 2004
a bunch of pimps, (shelby, reece, peter and tanner)
fuck chig your house money
by shelby March 17, 2004
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