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An affectionate term for your boyfriend etc when he farts really bad.
"Hey stinkbutt open the bedroom window before i die in here!!"
by sheila December 05, 2004
1. exceptional sweet talker and charmer

2. someone who gives exceptional oral sex
1. Darnell is so damn honey tongued he charms his way into may a heart and panties.

2. Damn, Ford is SO honey tongued, he keeps me cumming and cumming and cumming.....
by Sheila September 01, 2004
means "friends in bed"; another term for 'friend with benefits' or a nicer way of saying 'fuck buddy'.

friends who have a causal sexual relationship.
Soup is a most agreeable f.i.b.; he comes over, we fuck until we're both satisfied and then leaves.
by Sheila July 27, 2006
A Japanese rockstar.
"Can you play the guitar?"
"And you consider yourself a rockstar?"
"Oh! You must be a Junei, then."
by Sheila April 12, 2005
Time of day to turn on music and get relaxed...; )
At fourtwenty, me and my friends were doing the same thing at the same time. Even if we were all at our own homes.
by sheila August 05, 2003
Person who suffers from brain malfunctions resulting in long useage of alcohol and drugs. Has problems speaking intelligently and has low IQ. Also suffers delusions of greatness and high self importance. Can not accept critisim and lies.
Boy is that guy a real dumbya or what?

He speaks like a dumbya. What did he say?
by sheila October 05, 2004

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