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1. A surreal industrial graveyard populated by pensioners, criminals, corrupt police, out-of-touch governmental officials, slum-lords, and drug-addled eccentrics. Popular pass-times include recreational drug use, doing nothing to improve the culture of the city while simultaneously complaining about how there's no culture, and going to the hospital for tetanus shots.

2. What would manifest if Salvador Dali free-based a highly concentrated crystalline mixture of Bukowski and William S. Buroughs out of the soft spot in a new-born's skull.

3. What the rest of America will look like in another 50 years.
Perma-Drunk Non-descript Long Island Bro #1: "Bro, Binghamton is totally balls."
Perma-drunk Non-descript Long Island Bro #2: "Totally dawg, I don't understand why things never improve when we just piss all over the entire city."

Crotchety Pensioner: "You young hooligans leave my ailing, decrepit wasteland alone! I won't stand to have you bringing revenue into the city!"

Perma-Drunk Non-descript Long Island Bro #2: "Fuck you old man!"

Crotchety Pensioner: "I may be old but I could still lick ya!"

Perma-Drunk Non-descript Long Island Bro #2: "Ah you couldn't lick a plastic spoon. Hey bro, check this out dawg!" *vomits on a passing homeless man who gives no sign that he's aware of the presence of anyone else*

Drug-Addled Homeless Eccentric: "Garbled kangaroo steals rainbows from children Binghamton have a dollar OH NO why am I dancing and singing again?"
by Sheerlegs August 16, 2011

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