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2 definitions by Sheena Roxx

A beautiful green eyed woman. She has hair as silky as the sea, and the voice as calm as the summer air in the late afthernoon. She is loved by many and has a kind heart. The only bad thing about her is that when she is mad, she gets mad and you better give her some space to let her cool down. Besides that, she is a gift from Heaven and she will one day see her Father.
Dan: Did you see Anastasia?
Marcus: Yah, she is the most kindest person I have ever met.
by Sheena Roxx February 11, 2011
I don't believe in cell phones, becaues the devil made them. They kill people and rape their souls, then when they are done they throw you into a firey pedagogue.
Cell phones are the devils toys and joy.
by Sheena Roxx February 11, 2011