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A Pakistani adolescent man that faps more than once a day, everyday.
Jafri: dude im watching some MILF pr0n
McPendo: I bet you wil fap before going to bed, you fapistani.
by Sheeda Pistol October 09, 2010
Heera Mandi, translated into Urdu. Its the red light district in Lahore, Pakistan
McPendo was seen eating the paaye all night at Diamond Market.
by Sheeda Pistol March 14, 2010
Having intercourse after 11 PM PST (Pakistan Standard Time). It usually involves husband and wife but can have upto 4 players.
To Play Ludo, Hamara520 asks her hubby every night and watches Hentai
by Sheeda Pistol March 15, 2010

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