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The biggest baby in the world. The bitchiest white kid on earth. Has his own show on MTV called "Life of Ryan" where he whines about his dumb problems to the world.
Person) "Hey Ryan how's life going?"

Ryan Sheckler) "Dude life sucks, theres these two really hot chicks and I don't know which one to bang! Plus my rims only spin clockwise, and I wanted them to spin counter-clockwise too!"

Person) "Oh I'm so sorry Ryan you've really got it bad, but hey I gotta go work that 9 to 5 job I've got that only pays $5 an hour, so I can pay the for my apartment for me and my pregnant wife. I hope everything works out for you Ryan."

Ryan Sheckler) "Yeah I have the worst luck in the world. Oh and I forgot, I either have to drive my Rolls Royce, or my Lamborghini today. My life sucks."
by Sheckla's Hata's March 15, 2008

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