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Carribean soca singer known for "Turn Me On".
Let me hold you
Girl caress my body
You got me going crazy
Turn me on, turn me on
by she who says meow November 25, 2004
A really useless dance move created by some rapper. Involves crossing your arms and leaning back repeatedly.
That boy thinks he's fly, doing the rockaway.
by she who says meow July 24, 2004
Highly regarded clothing company noted for embracing different ethnicisms. Founded by Luciano Benetton In their ads can be found collections of individuals from diverse racial backgrounds, united and (usually) advertising clothing.
Check out my sweet wool sweater from Benetton!
by she who says meow March 20, 2005
one who should be kept in a straight jacket and muzzle due to their overall bizarreness.
"Rick James is such a freak on a leash."

by she who says meow July 23, 2004
The epitamy of the term drag queen. Just another weirdo whose sole purpose is to horrify the civilized world.
Rupaul scares the living daylights out of little children.
by she who says meow July 23, 2004
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