9 definitions by ShazzSpazz

1.) Weapon Of Ass Destruction or Weapons Of Ass Destruction
2.) An extra long and thick penis
3.) Hedgehog Ron Jeremy
4.) Also a movie from porn industry based on Saddam Hussein's "imaginary" weapons of mass destruction
1.) "Hedgehog" Ron Jeremy is endowed with a W.O.A.D
2.) Certain races in Sudan and Somalia are genetically endowed with extra long and thick penises that can be categorized W.O.A.D
3.) MY buddy Omar has a W.O.A.D according to his girlfriends I have met.
by ShazzSpazz August 21, 2007
A lumberjack who passed out from lack of sleep and killed himself with his own chainsaw
" Joey was a lumberjack few days ago. Now he is a slumberjack "
by ShazzSpazz October 30, 2006
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