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1.) A vagina which is mushy and soft due to wearing out and softening of vaginal wall muscles from getting past 36 years and 36 men but still has an abundance of free flowing lubricating juices, as soon as it comes in the vicinity of a penis.
2.) A loose pussy which freely flows with the go-go juice.
My sugar mama has a squaggy snatch.
by Shazz Spazz February 05, 2008
1.) A woman who is ready to have sex with just about any decent male available on earth.
2.) A willing sperm recipient.
3.) A sweet, educated, sophisticated girl who doesn't mind having sex with you on her first date, as long as you are decent, clean and disease free.
Claudia is pollinator friendly.
by Shazz Spazz April 11, 2008
A box, space in cabinets or enclosure where you keep all the utensils which are used once in a year, yet you need them for those "just in case" moments. For example A Potjie (spelled PoyKee is a cast iron pot from South Africa which deserves to go inside a Utensilator.

" Joey ! Can you put away this "potjie" back in the Utensilator please"
by Shazz Spazz August 21, 2008
1.) The fluid that gushes out when a female is having an arousal or an orgasm during a sexual act.
Term for Female Cum. Originates from the opposite of the word Cum which is used for male seminal fluid - semen. Cum and Go
2.) Vaginal lubrication fluid or Discharge that generates from the pussy. This mucus is made in the cervix; the opening to the uterus womb.
Every time I kiss Jennifer, her go go juice starts to flow wetting her panties...!
by Shazz Spazz February 05, 2008

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