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1. A loud, fun person who always has food. They are obnoxious, lovable, and always want to party.

2.They like to drink alcohol and go crazy. They are often placed in the category of alcoholics.

3.They always have to be right. There is never a dull moment with them.

4.When you have a party...all of them show up. Often called a "Rent-a-Party".
Man 1: Dude, I'm bored.
Man 2: Let's go party with a Vesely.
Man 1: Hell yeah! Food, fun, and beer!
Man 2: That's right. Vesely's are the shizz.
by Shay M Vizzle July 14, 2008
A girl/boy that looks good from far away. But, when you get up close....HELL NAW!
Dave: DAMN! look at that fine girl!
Coop: Oooo!..(walks closer to her)... NOO!
Dave: Was that girl an uno?
Coop: ...yup.
by Shay M Vizzle July 14, 2008
The line of sweat that forms in the middle of boobs.
Girl: Can I have that towel?
Guy: Why?
Girl: Well..from working out all day I have some Mountain Dew goin' on.
Guy: ...Nice!
by Shay M Vizzle August 18, 2008

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