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The day where you realize you need a haircut.
Melvin: when did I grow this Afro? I'm having a Fro Day and I need to get a haircut.

Devin: dude, your hair has been tht ugly forever. We've all been waiting for this Fro Day.
by Shawty b u f f <3 June 30, 2011
STD monday is the best day of the week in the army. On that day, you get to have sex with anyone you want (hint, STD). It's usually on a Monday and tons of babies are conceived with in that time frame.
Stacey: OMG, I had sex with Phil on STD Monday and now I'm pregnant!

Tara: You shoulda used protection. Now your gonna end up with an Army Brat.
by Shawty b u f f <3 June 24, 2011

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