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The sexiest guy in the group Pretty Ricky. He has the sexiest voice ever.
Look at Spectacular Smith, he is so sexy!!!
by Shawna Tracy June 14, 2007
my nickname for my cousin. she's like a silly goose
Hey goosey, you're so silly
by Shawna Tracy March 29, 2008
a very nervous or foolish person.
That girl over there is so goosey.
by Shawna Tracy January 16, 2008
A song By Chris Brown and T-Pain. It's talking about how him and this girl wanna be together.
She want that lovey dovey (lovey, dovey)
that kiss kiss, kiss kiss
In her mind she fantasize
bout getting wit me
They hatin on me (Hatin on me)
They only diss diss, kiss-kiss
Cause she mine and so fine
And thick as can be
by Shawna Tracy January 16, 2008
a type of note taking that's supposed to help you remember stuff better. one third of the page is questions/main ideas and the other two-thirds is notes. it can helpful if you do it the right way.
Cornell notes are helpful for schoolwork or anything.
by Shawna Tracy April 13, 2008

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