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When a dog has left an unpleasant smelling, cigar looking dump that is situated in the middle of the floor. Usually happens when the dog is not happy with it's owner.
I woke up this morning, and found a nice meaty gift staring me in the face.
by ShawnDiesel October 25, 2009
The sudden breeze from a bathroom after a person opens the door when finished pooping. Usually resembles the smell of poop.
Did you get the poop draft when I came out of the bathroom?

Yea, I almost passed the fug out.
by ShawnDiesel October 15, 2010
Having severe diarrhea, almost to the point of shitting in pants.
Hey yo man, don't eat that burrito or you will be spraying buns all day.
by ShawnDiesel October 16, 2009
Poop that comes out whole but pinches off into little links. Resembles sausage links for breakfast.
After eating all of that pizza last night, I had sausage links poop this morning.
by ShawnDiesel October 26, 2009

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