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A large woman who knows how to please a man.
Peter: I can't believe you slept with Jenn. She's pushing 500 pounds dude!!

Matt: I know man, but that bitch is two tons of fun!
by Shawn Parent April 18, 2008
An inflatable raft thats fits two(squeezes three) people.
Amazing for open ocean, lake, pond or your backyard.

If flipped over it becomes a chinese dragon you must take a ride in.
Brooke: "Shawn lets take the explorer 200 out in the front yard.."

Shawn: "Hell yeah we'll cross MLK.. better yet get in my chinese dragon."
by Shawn Parent May 09, 2008
A collection of questions about marijuana arranged in a trivia like game. Usually played right after smoking.
Shawn: You guys coming to stoner trivia at the hookah bar on wednesday

Mark: I already got 2 joints rolled for the ride, man.
by Shawn Parent April 17, 2008
When a woman has a watermellon shaped sack of fat from her stomach to her vagina.
"Look at Miss Roch's twatermellon.. that shits nasty."
by Shawn Parent March 28, 2008
When your feet look like you live in a trailer park after walking anywhere In Florida without shoes on.
Brooke, I left my shoes at the beach and walked back to your house, look at my florida feet.
by Shawn Parent April 05, 2008
1 case of favorite beer (24 or 30. your choice)
1 handle of favorite vodka(flavored or not. your choice)
2 tubes of pink lemonade concentrate(3 if your feeling frisky)

Mix these in large cooler. Add ice.

Serves 2-10 people(depending on how fucked up you want to be.)

CAUTION: Drinking large quantities can result in cocaine usage.
Bob: Dude, I drank so much hunch punch I don't remember a thing.

Pedro: Are you kidding? You were in the bathroom snorting coke with that girl.

Bob: Ahh fuckk...
by Shawn Parent April 08, 2008

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