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6 definitions by Shawn Parent

A large woman who knows how to please a man.
Peter: I can't believe you slept with Jenn. She's pushing 500 pounds dude!!

Matt: I know man, but that bitch is two tons of fun!
by Shawn Parent April 18, 2008
7 3
An inflatable raft thats fits two(squeezes three) people.
Amazing for open ocean, lake, pond or your backyard.

If flipped over it becomes a chinese dragon you must take a ride in.
Brooke: "Shawn lets take the explorer 200 out in the front yard.."

Shawn: "Hell yeah we'll cross MLK.. better yet get in my chinese dragon."
by Shawn Parent May 09, 2008
0 0
A collection of questions about marijuana arranged in a trivia like game. Usually played right after smoking.
Shawn: You guys coming to stoner trivia at the hookah bar on wednesday

Mark: I already got 2 joints rolled for the ride, man.
by Shawn Parent April 17, 2008
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When a woman has a watermellon shaped sack of fat from her stomach to her vagina.
"Look at Miss Roch's twatermellon.. that shits nasty."
by Shawn Parent March 28, 2008
5 5
When your feet look like you live in a trailer park after walking anywhere In Florida without shoes on.
Brooke, I left my shoes at the beach and walked back to your house, look at my florida feet.
by Shawn Parent April 05, 2008
12 14
1 case of favorite beer (24 or 30. your choice)
1 handle of favorite vodka(flavored or not. your choice)
2 tubes of pink lemonade concentrate(3 if your feeling frisky)

Mix these in large cooler. Add ice.

Serves 2-10 people(depending on how fucked up you want to be.)

CAUTION: Drinking large quantities can result in cocaine usage.
Bob: Dude, I drank so much hunch punch I don't remember a thing.

Pedro: Are you kidding? You were in the bathroom snorting coke with that girl.

Bob: Ahh fuckk...
by Shawn Parent April 08, 2008
36 91