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A modern revival of the Rococo art and architectural movement. Rocotechno is the is the fusion of Rococo and high-tech. As high-tech gadgets become pervasive in our lives the techno-novelty on its own fades away. Industrial design fills the gap of making the devices aesthetically fitting in our environments (much like architecture does for buildings and other structures and much like we don't even consider furniture to be separate from the aesthetics). The industrial design can take many forms: minimalist, classical, modernist etc.

Rocotechno design uses the artifacts of technology to ornament the form of the product. Sometimes this can be taken too far and the ornamentation becomes gratuitous or confusing.

This is different from technoco in some respects in that technoco is a description of an aspect of the raver/underground scene.
The Mooninites that were hung throughout Boston were very rocotechno in design.

An other example of rocotechno design is the entirely electronic car dash board popular in the 1990's. On the other hand the iPod shuffle is very minimalist.
by Shawn Morel February 25, 2007

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