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Based off the tv character Charlie from 2 and a half men, when a person is fresh off a break-up with there significant other, chances are they will usually try to go for the rebound. But if the before mentioned person doesn't get a rebound in the first 2 weeks they drop their standards down a level. (example, from hot to cute, cute to average and so on.)
Yo, Robert has been single for a week after being dumped by Janet.
Yeah man pretty soon he's going to start the Charlie Harper Sydrome.
by Shawn Fournier December 08, 2008
From the 2008 movie and book series "Twilight" this is where every girl regardless of age will fall in love wih the main character, Edward Cullen. Somehow women seem to get this unrealistic view that Edward Cullen is a living person and will fall in love with you if you see his movie or read his books enough.
That Edward Cullen is sooooooo cute!
Ohno, Janet has fallen into The Twilight Effect
by Shawn Fournier December 08, 2008
Based off of the video game series, Mortal Kombat, when a person quotes a phrase from the game in a real life situation you punch them in the arm as hard as you can.
Yo that bird just got hit by a firecracker!
*insert The Kombat Punch here*
by Shawn Fournier December 08, 2008
An Insult directed at a person in the presense of authority so as not to get in trouble.
Mrs. Dubose he can't solve the math problem he's a Squid!
by Shawn Fournier December 08, 2008
A sign of arragence often uttered by Africian American's.
Yo you can't score with a chick like that!!
Pftt the hell i can't!
by Shawn Fournier December 08, 2008

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