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A very fat person with a big, jiggly butt.
-I don't wanna leave my food out.
-Because lardbutt over there might eat it.
by Shawn B. March 28, 2003
Some poor fool who thinks the only way to become cool is to seek out something/someone remotely cool (usually lame or tasteless, though)and imitate it/them, be it dressing in piece of crap clothes, listening to some rapper who probably dropped out of high school or corny country singer, speaking in idiotic slang. Their efforts are usually futile and they end up being lamer than ever.
If you want to see brainless sheep drones in their natural habitat, go to TTHS. I guarantee you'll see at least 3 before you've been there one hour, or I'll personally pay for you to find a school with even more of them!
by Shawn B. April 15, 2003
What soccer moms and sheep embrace wholeheartedly.
Political correctness is fine as long as you don't cram it down people's throats.
by Shawn B. April 02, 2003
An item used in the Pokemon games to evolve certain Pokemon into higher-level, electric type Pokemon.
I used a Thunder Stone on my Eevee andn it became a Jolteon. Sweet!
by Shawn B. October 19, 2003
A girl who is always making/having babies every time you look up.
R- Did you hear? ShanDeeka's pregnant again and she doesn't know who the daddy is.
S- What a baby cannon! Didn't she just have a baby about three months ago?
R- Yep, this one will be her sixth...and she's what, only 19? What a skeez; she's obviously never heard of birth control before.
S- Amen to that...
by Shawn B. July 24, 2003
An art site that proves stick figures DO count as art. One of the coolest sites that ever had anything to do with stick figures.
I go to explodingdog.com every day to see if they have new pics up.
by Shawn B. April 15, 2003
The main rival of Haomaru from Samurai Shodown; a very dangerous fighter.
He owns...
by Shawn B. October 24, 2003

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