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One of the most beautiful cars ever to exist on this big rock called Earth, especially the newer version of the Chevy Camaro. See beautiful.
Lame dude- darrr... Do you want to go with me?
Shawn- If you love me, you'll get me a Camaro; a convertible with a CD changer in the trunk and tinted windows and...
Lame guy- *runs off 'cause he's broke*
Shawn- Whatever..
by Shawn B. April 17, 2003
Somebody who deliberately breaks the rules just so everyone slse thinks it's cool; usually seen getting high in an abandoned washroom/broom closet or at the mall.
That rebel's trying too hard: he should just start back dressing like a Backstreet Boys reject.
by Shawn B. May 02, 2003
One who tries not to eat ANY animal products, not even milk or cheese.
I've never seen a vegan around.
by Shawn B. June 09, 2003
A fat guy who loves body-slamming people, eating cake, and rolling down steep inclines at 95 mph.
If Alex and Woo-Woo fought, Alex would win, because he's quick and weighs 950 less than Woo-Woo
by Shawn B. May 22, 2003
Smart, cute, well-groomed, polite.... essentially the perfect guy to go with.
J.M > Nick Carter
by Shawn B. May 20, 2003
For straight women (okay, fine, as well as gay men and bisexuals who can't make up their minds yet)dudes with big pecs or butts or whatever you like in dudes.
I never see eye candy at Wisconsin Dells because a lot of the dudes there have moobs and they're too old/pale.
by Shawn B. May 01, 2003
An offensive term used to describe a young African-American man (usually about 13-25 years of age) that places material possessions and sexual conquests over knowledge and being a an asset to society. The one that makes all African-Americans look bad while trying to be 'street'.
That boy is such a rooster; all he does is brag about how many hos he banged and how many fake platinum chains he can dangle about that scrawny, pencil neck of his! (the sad part is, I'm African-American as well XD) If he thinks he's supposed to look sexy like that, he's sorely mistaken!
by Shawn B. December 15, 2003

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