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4 definitions by Shaved Deer

If someone is undercover funny, they are funny when you are not around them.
"Matt is such a boring guy."
"No man, he's funny when you're not around him. He's undercover funny."
by Shaved Deer October 22, 2011
Farmers Union Iced Coffee is an amazing iced coffee drink. It's a liquid lunch.
"Hey man, want an IC?"
"No dude, it's a Farmers Union Iced Coffee, or it's NOTHING!"
by Shaved Deer January 08, 2012
A throw from the quarterback which ends in an interception.
University of Michigan fans would be happier if Denard Robinson, AKA D-Rob wouldn't arm punt the ball so often.

While Brett Favre finished his career with 508 touchdowns, he also loved the arm punt, with 336 interceptions.
by Shaved Deer September 01, 2012