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An individual who follows the crowd and fails to resist under peer pressure.
Acting in a shameful or discraceful way will also constitute as giteness.
Giteivity is evident in all age groups of society- in children, teenagers, adults and elders.
Stems from the original word of 'git'.
One will act in a giteish way by playing up to a group of people, saying strange or thoughtless things to impress and generally being a prat.

He really annoys me; what a gite!
by Shaunus McManamus June 10, 2008
Zombia is a species of human found native to the Columbian jungle. Also related to Blanca from Street Fighter. (Green person who emits electric)
Used as a noun to describe somebody that looks generally zombified.
The person might be related to a zombia and may be described as a zombian.
To describe a disgraceful action, the word zombolic can be used.
I'm feeling a bit zombia.(Tired)
I looked Zombified.(Tired)
She/ He looks a bit of a Zombia.(Ugly)
What you just did was zombolic!(Disgraceful)
by Shaunus McManamus June 14, 2008

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