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To describe a certain scenario or location as being off-key or slightly crazy.
"It looks pretty mouth to ball in there"
"The whole night was rather mouth to ball"
#mouth #to #ball #moth #bal
by Shaun The Sheep March 13, 2008
Dog F**ked It - A saying used to describe the state of a possesion such as your mobile phone or a certain part of your body. Anything that could be physically "f**ked by a dog"

Originated from the furniture shop DFI insiting the half price sales are on because they're furniture has been "f**ked by a dog"
Pete: "Hey whats up with you arm?"
Tony: "DFI"

Kim: "Her car looks knackered. Whats that all about?"
Abi: "DFI"
#dfi #dog #it #d #f #i
by Shaun The Sheep March 13, 2008
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