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2 definitions by Shaun T

A term used describe the smooth, sexy, hairless physique of the typical asian male. Sashimi-smooth was first published in the now controversial article "Gay or Asian?" in Details Magazine, April 2004.

It is primarily used by rice queen's and is occasionally used to describe non-asian men.

This term is very flexible as it does not need to apply to the whole body. Definition 3 below provides an example of this.

Note: Describing someone as sashimi smooth does not mean said person is gay, nor does it mean the person describing someone as sashimi smooth is gay.

1. Oh wow, that guy is so hot! If only he were sashimi smooth.
2. I only date asians who are sashimi smooth.
3. roofles, that guy cant grow a beard, his face is sashimi like a 12 year old thai prostitute.
4. That guy is so hot - look at his sashimi smooth chest!
5. Oh wow - that guy would be perfect for my friend Shaun, a rice queen, who only goes for the sashimi smooth.
by Shaun T August 20, 2006
The act of sex between a male and female whereby the penis is inserted in to the vagina - results in the loss of ones Christian virginity.

As from Leviticus 5:16 "And so Ezekiel said, one's Christian virginity is only taken upon the union of a husband and a wife's unmentionables"
man1: Hey man.. have you lost your virginity?
man2: My virginity or my Christian virginity?
man1: Christian
man2: No, im gay, and a womans unmentionables are disgusting.
by Shaun T March 22, 2006