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Stoner Moment.
What happens when you have smoked too much pot.
Ex. I forgot to pick up my little brother from school because I was too stoned. Hence, I had a sto-mo.
by Shaun Martin January 31, 2009
A person who craves the initial meeting and resulting fluttery emotions of meeting someone for the first time. They generally remain happy as long as the honey moon period is ripe. Then reality/boredom sets in, and they move on to find the next spark.
George Clooney.
Loves the euphoric feelings of bliss that result from meeting new ladies. Then reality sets in, and a new spark is quickly found.

Spark Chasers can be found in both casual friendships, and the dating world, as well as homosexual and hetersexual unions.
by Shaun Martin February 28, 2009
An individual of any age or gender who has no other emotion than to get whatever it is they want at any given moment. Not getting what they want results in dinosaurus like behaviours ranging from tantrums, destruction of property, and even loss of life.
Ex. Lindsay Lohan. When a D-List celeb such as Ms. Lohan can actually nab an invite to a fancy Hollywood party, she becomes a mine-a-saurus at the first sight of SHWAG.
by Shaun Martin March 03, 2009
Is an individual who acts as if they are owed something in this life for their "supposed" greatness. They're demeanour is ripe with attitude, and they frequently look their noses down upon everyone else around them.
Katherine Heigl. Now that she is a movie star her behaviour has become unprofessional, over the top, and elitist. As a result she has become a caricature of herself, thus becoming known as a Heiglpuss. Christian Bale is the male version of a Heiglpuss.
by Shaun Martin March 10, 2009
Any woman who has had way too many botox injections. Resulting in a face that does not move, as well as eye brows that are permanently arched.
The cast of Desperate Housewives. Each of them resembles an evil witch with skin that is way too tight on their faces. Hence making them become a Cruella de Botox.
by Shaun Martin May 30, 2009
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