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OK, contrary to the beliefs of many angst filled teenagers, slipknot doesn't have much talent at all. Their drummer can only hit two beats pretty quick. WOW. And the vocalist couldn't hold a note for more than 9 seconds, has almost no vibrato, his passagio sucks, and his range is very limited. The songwriting in slipknot is bad aswell. And also contrary to what most think, slipknot IS NOT metal, it has very few defining characteristics of any genre of heavy metal, other than the aggresiveness and distortion for the guitars.

The members of slipknot don't even care about music, which is obvious by their marketing ploy of wearing masks and acting like retards to attract retarded teenagers who think it will be tough or not mainstream to listen to slipknot. Well it isn't tough, and slipknot is mainstream no matter what you may think.
Iron Maiden: do oo dooe di dum didobumbumdido bum ahahahahahaha

Metallica: Do dod od odo do do didididdi dososoososapps

Slipknot: do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do
by Shaun D August 14, 2005

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