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1 definition by ShatterTheSky

The best known definition for 'emo' is a fashion movement among teens (usually 13-18) involving things like skinny jeans, band tees, wristbands, studded belts, horn-rimmed glasses, eyeliner, and black, choppy hairstyles, often with exotic colors like red or pink. It also brings to mind sort of a whole attitude. And I am not going to say that emos are whiny, self-centered little brats who only cut and act depressed because they think it's cool. That is a common and insulting misconception. The more correct definition is that emos are teens who are more emotional and sensitive than most. They're pretty dark and tend to be very thoughtful and deep. Many have been diagnosed with depression and even more do self-harm. The brats I mentioned before are the POSERS. The total fakes and wannabes that give the subculture a bad name. Most emos are very sensitive, and are also often artistic and like writing songs and poetry that aren't always necessarily about death and darkness. I believe the posers are more common than the real thing, so most non-emos are left with the impression that emos are whiny, angsty teens that think they're oh-so-unique. This is not true of all. Emos are greatly misunderstood people who have been negatively stereotyped. I just wanted to clear that up.
poser 1:Dude, I totally got these new skull earrings at Hot Topic! I'm sooo emo.
poser 2: That's awesome. I wrote a poem about how life sucks and everyone should die, and how no one understands me or loves me. How emo is that?
poser 1: That's way emo. Let's go to the bathroom and cut and cry about our awful lives.

real emo 1: So how was art class?
real emo 2: Pretty good. I'm drawing a charcoal picture of a rose. I'm planning to write a little poetry on the border.
real emo 1: That sounds really cool. Wanna hang out sometime this weekend?
(note the freaky poser coversation and the totally normal emo conversation XD)
by ShatterTheSky March 12, 2011