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5 definitions by Shatfinger

when you suck so bad at golf you have to offer your girl to felate the the winning team
we better pick our game up or we will have to offer the pubnico cockswallow.
by Shatfinger July 10, 2008
One who prefers the anus of a male to a female.
my brother Mark is one raging cornjockey.
by Shatfinger July 10, 2008
an beautiful girl that is an obvious lay
claerly she would make a good lay, it is quite gynological.
by Shatfinger July 10, 2008
when you a fucking your girl up the ass from behind and she can't take it any longer because you have whiskey dick so you have to pull out and roll her on her side so she can finish you with her mouth while on a trampaline
After a long dry screw we had to resort to a sideways bethel bounce.
by Shatfinger July 10, 2008
The very sensitive tissue on the back of the head of the penis
Holy shit it felt guud when she licked my tuud.
by Shatfinger July 10, 2008