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The Mandatory Sex Party is a socially radical minor political party founded in October 2009, in the back woods of Montana. The Party's federal chairpersun is Allie Brosh. To date they have no elected members but momentum behind the MSParty is growing.

The MSParty believes in prosperity through population, coining the slogan, "Breeders are Leaders". In a political climate where many governments are contemplating the challenge of stemming population growth, the MSP takes the stance that population growth will provide the global community with the next generation of scientists, doctors, philosophers and theologians necessary to save the planet. They believe that population suppression risks the prevention of our future leaders being born.

The MSP launched a modest election campaign for November 8, 2011 cantered in Montana, with candidates also campaigning across Wyoming, North and South Dakota. A primary campaign tool being utilised by the MSP in this election race are 'mandatory sex parties'. The MSP, with its many policies supporting family growth, are encouraging supporters to throw pre election mandatory sex parties in the anticipation of having many blossoming families behind their podiums come November 8. Founding member Allie Brosh has been quoted on-line saying that the Party believes in growing their support across generations.
MSP supporter -I'm throwing a pre-election mandatory sex party this weekend, are you going to be coming?

MSP supporter's associate -I don't really know, I guess I've been thinking of looking into it, their policies and motivations seem sound. Who else is coming?

MSP supporter -Well we're quite excited, Allie Brosh is going to be there to give some motivational foreplay.

MSP supporter's associate -So the sex is really mandatory then?

MSP supporter -Yeah, hence the mandatory. Did I mention Allie Brosh is going to be there..?
by ShastaBare August 04, 2011

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