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Ok, let's set the record straight. "Fatima" does not mean "fat". "Fatima" is a name given to some of the most beautiful and nicest girls that you'll ever meet!
Yay Fatima!
by Sharpie Rainbow February 04, 2009
Makes everyone with a brain (read: democrats) absolutely shake at the thought.
There are signs advertising Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012.
Scary shit.
Palin 2012? Don't even joke, man. Don't even joke.

Yes we did.
by Sharpie Rainbow November 09, 2008
When someone takes a vacation from Facebook, a popular social networking site that it notoriously addicting. Facecations are usually taken to spend more time on homework, activities, job, etc.
JOE SHMO is taking a Facecation, bbl. =)

"Why is Joe never on Facebook?"
"He's taking a Facecation."
by Sharpie Rainbow September 10, 2008
Absolute bullshit.

'Y' is not a vowel.
Kindergarten teacher: What are the vowels:
Brainwashed students: A! E! I! O! U! And sometimes y!
Me: B.S.
by Sharpie Rainbow January 09, 2009
Someone who is attracted to men, women, transgendered, neutral/asexual, and plants.
Jane is quintsexual...she'll do ANYTHING...
by Sharpie Rainbow March 19, 2008
Markus Zusak's masterpiece. Published in 2006. A book narrated by Death himself tells the tale of an adopted girl in Nazi Germany, the dirty little boy who loves her, her parents, and the Jewish fistfighter hiding in their house.
"The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak is my favorite book!
by Sharpie Rainbow January 20, 2009
A character from the NBC show The Office. Portrayed by John Krasinski. Based off Tim Canterbury from the original British BBC show. Hottest fictional character ever.

Jim Halpert is an intelligent but rather unmotivated character who loves playing pranks on his coworker and deskmate, Dwight Schrute.
Person 1: Who's your favorite office character?
Person 2: Definitely Jim Halpert! He's hilarious!
by Sharpie Rainbow May 14, 2008
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