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He Is Charming,Handsome,Funny,Loveable,Smart,Sweet,Personal Feelings,and have the sexiest looks.
He is a rapper and know nobody can,t handle that body but him.
by Sharmaine January 24, 2004
Lil Fizz is Handsome,Charming,Funny,Smart,and So Fine
Lil Fizz Is a type of a guy that rap and know what he is doing.Personally Lil Fizz can have a life of his own and one day that person that is right for him he is to take her over to meet his parents and then she take him to go meet her parents.then all of suddenly he ask her will you marry me? and then she say yes i would love to marry you.and then they live happily ever after.The End
by Sharmaine January 24, 2004
Scatter Brained. Giddy; thoughtless
Jane got drunk at the club last night. She was acting ziggity boo, when I started to talk to her. I couldn't understand anything she was saying.
by Sharmaine March 16, 2005
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