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Emo boys are basically boys from teens to early adults to tend to be more emotional and like to express them selves more than the usually 'i'm tough and won't show I'm scared' guy. They have a tendency to dress in tighter pants then normal(usually jeans), small fitting shirts/sweaters with funky designs or phrases expressing something and last but not least emo boys usually are seen wearing all kinds of accessories like necklaces, chains, snakebites, gloves, belts, and etc. Emo boys like girl emos usually have or dye thier hair jet black or have streaks of black in thier hair. It's grown pretty long for a guy and is straigthen and styled to be covering a part of the face. The different styles can range from being a neat one side bangs covering a part of the face to super cool messed up looking hair that still covers a part of the face.
Most of the time they are mistaken to be 'all' gay when that is not true. Some do become bisexual becuase of the deep feelings they have but being emo is something like a slighty different style of living. Most emo boys are pretty good looking and wear eye makeup like eyeliner and eyeshadow to give thier eyes an effect. In the end they're not freaks, just people and are really nice people in general.
Boy: Dude, look at those guys with long hair and girly jeans, aren't they gay?

Boy2: Nah dude, they're emo boys, thier pretty cool and he could be gay but you can't be sure.
by Shar3894 September 30, 2007
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