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5 definitions by Shantal Arechederra

Like second hand smoke, many of us may have been affected by this dangerous contaminant, for instance at the gym as you are attempting to go about your workout and all you seem to hear is the total annoyance of the cell phone conversation from the person next to you.
It's even worse when the person is on speaker phone.
Second hand phone at it's worst is when you can't even hear yourself think, the conversation engulfs your entire existence.
I was experiencing some serious second hand phone when all I could hear is every detail of my roommates cellphone conversation in the kitchen.
by Shantal Arechederra November 28, 2007
This is usually the condition you snap into when you return from a week-end of non-stop drinking and party-hardying in places such as Las Vegas or Havasu. Heck, you can even switch into “rehab-mode” after too much clubbin.
The act of hiding out for a minute just to snap back into normalcy and replenish your body with non-alcohol-based fluids.
Aw man I partied so hard in Vegas this weekend, I've gone into Rehab-mode, I can't drink, smoke, or hang out for a few weeks at least.
by Shantal Arechederra November 28, 2007
The act of re-applying makeup throughout the day, such as pulling out a compact mirror and adjusting your powder, lipgloss, mascara or any other makeup item in public.

The act of being so vain that one (usually female) must re-apply any makeup item onto her face in front of people in order to feel confident.
Instead of paying attention to the Baseball game, she sat there and played 'pretty pretty princess' the entire time. Get over yourself bitch!

by Shantal Arechederra November 28, 2007
The irrational, intense, persistent fear of the
virtual globe program Google Earth that maps the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery and aerial photography.
Nooooo not Google Earth again! I suffer from Googlearthaphobia! Stop zooming into the world like that it's freakin me out!!!
by Shantal Arechederra February 05, 2008
(fill in blank) This term can be used everyday of the year, the first word can be replaced with pretty much anything! If it was EXTRAVAGANT, you can use it.
‘I just got back from Vegas, it was “Drunken Extravaaganza 2007” we had a blast!’
‘I went to a club the other day and lets just say it was “Sexy Bitchez Extravaganza 2007”!’
‘I’m trying to do my homework and all I seem to hear outside is “Gardener Extravaganza 2007”, it’s kinda hard to concentrate.’

_______ Extravaganza 2007!!! try it it's fun
by Shantal Arechederra November 28, 2007