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Eagle Rock is the town where the infamous Occidental College is located and despite popular belief it is not a dental school, but rather a libral arts college. Eagle Rock during the day can look like a nice neighborhood for a few blocks and then turn into a slum complete with wild cats and various other wildlife that roam the streets most likely with rabies. The reason it was named Eagle Rock was because there is this huge rock that you can see if you get onto the 134 W to Old Town Pasadena that looks like an Eagle's head.
Many parts of Eagle Rock are becoming more trendy and less plain shitty. Swork, The Coffee Table, Fatty's and other cute restaurants provide students, artsy residents, and other such people hang out spots with good food and coffee. The weather is typical LA weather, but the smog in Eagle Rock seems to be a bit worse than other parts of LA.
by Shanro April 07, 2005

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