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doing something on a regular basis.
doesnt just have to be about religion.
she does her homework religiously to get inna good college.
by Shannon aka Shay May 28, 2007
1. A person who is born in Mexico; a citizen of Mexico.
2. A person who has ancestry or is ethnically from Mexico.
3. Arturo Chavarria (lmaoo i love you Arturo)
1 & 2. Taco Bell isnt authentic mexican food but its dayum good.
3. My bestfriend Arturo is the finest mexican in the whole wide world.
by Shannon aka Shay May 29, 2007
another name for a virgin because it sounds like it.
said so young kids or older adults wont know what the hell your talkin about.
most likely said to girls.
i bet shes still a german.
by Shannon aka Shay May 28, 2007
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